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Hot dogs to haute cuisine – I enjoy them all! My hubby is my dining companion – we are often joined by our toddler son. We worked our way through the Washingtonian Top 100 & are now tackling the Best Bargains. I am always on the lookout for a tasty meal!



 4536 Lee Hwy
Arlington, VA

Kiwi Flavor

It’s not often you see New Zealand restaurants so I thought I would give this place a try. The idea of a meat pie for lunch sounded intriguing and it didn’t disappoint. The restaurant is located on a cute strip mall (if you can imagine one) in Arlington, VA. There is decent parking in the area.

I opted to get my lunch to go but the atmosphere inside seemed more restauranty than coffee shop.

I opted for the steak and cheese meat pie and a slice of the pavlova cake. Next time, I would probably try the curry chicken meat pie! For those who don’t know, imagine a sort of oversized empanada filled with meat and cheese. The pastry has just the right density and balances out the meat. The real kicker is the tomato chutney. It really worked well with the meat pie. It was served with a nice side salad and was really a nice lunch.

The Pavlova cake was a nice summertime dessert. This one is a angelfood meringue, so it is softer version than I am used to. Must be the “New Zealand” aspect. I am also a little fussy about my whipped cream and thought this one was ok. The fruit (kiwi and assorted berries) were nice and even the to-go presentation was pretty.

I would certainly return here and may even try to sit down there. Would also want to try a cup of their “Flat White” coffee – another NZ specialty!

New Zealand Pavlova

This dessert looks wonderful but was not quite what i expected. It is a meringue cake covered in whipped cream with fresh fruit and a fruit coulis garnish. It is a refreshing summer treat and not something you typically find. I prefer my pavlova to be of the hard meringue variety, where as this one was softer. It did have a nice taste, though was a bit richer. It is a generously sized portion.

Steak and Cheese Meat Pie

This is pretty straightforward, a meat pie filled with steak and cheese. The tomatoe chutney served with it was just the right accompaniment.

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