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Poor service means we don't return.


Kona Grill

 700 S Rosemary Ave
West Palm Beach, FL

Pricey - Good Food - Poor Service

I don’t care for having food served by a “runner” instead of the waiter/ess. When I place an order with the waiter and ask for something to be prepared in a specific manner, the runner brings the meal without regard to my request. This means getting the waiter back to correct the problem. Very annoying. This was the case for my visit to Kona Grill on 4/6/09.
The food was OK, but the service was flat. Not removing used plates, failing to wipe the table and generally slow service. I was there at 11:30AM – well before the lunch crowd – he had only two other tables to service. After the meal he spent nearly 10 minutes working on the cash register computer – finally the manager asked if everything was OK – when I told him I was waiting for my check he approached the waiter who simply reached into his apron and produced my check. He totally disregarded the need to be attentive.
I won’t be returning – the Bellagio is a short walk away – the food is equally as good (if not better) and the service there has been excellent.

Maui Onion Soup

Too greasy. Croutons and cheese were very tasty and the soup was loaded with very tasty onions. Definitely had to add salt, but that is not uncommon today when many customers are looking for low sodium dishes.

Ahi Tuna Salad

Beautifully presented dish. Perfectly prepared tuna, although for the price it was a bit skimpy.
It would have been nice to be offered chopsticks to eat this dish, but that could just be the result of the poor/untrained waiter (Austin).

Passion Fruit Creme Broulee

Delicious. Nicely presented with three raspberries on top. Why it was served with a SOUP spoon is beyond me, but I’ve already discussed the quality of the service.

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