Avanti Bar & Grill

 13509 Highland Park Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK

Unsanitary environment for a restaurant! DINER BEWARE!

This “upscale” diner is a hellhole in disguise.
Just east of the main (eastern) parking lot is a huge pit, which was apparently used for dining at one time.
Now – I kid you not – this pit is full of garbage.
Who wants to eat in a restaurant which abuts an abyss of festering trash? I can just see rats wandering into the side door, where the cooks hang out during smoke breaks.
The owner and management of Avanti are obviously too lazy to clean out the pit of filth or fill it with concrete. They just let it sit there. This is most surely a violation of health code regulations. Who knows how many years the piles of garbage have sat and fermented, and how many pieces of debris of all kinds have been blown into The Pit by Oklahoma wind all these years?!
The owner (Marriott, Inc.?) is also too lazy to advertise the price of the Sunday brunch, which is allegedly decent, although I’ve read that it’s overpriced and overvalued (but I lost my appetite when I considered going to Avanti for Sunday brunch then walked by The Pit!), and too lazy to post it ANYWHERE. I searched forever on the Web, couldn’t find the price on any website, and I walked by the front and side entrances of Avanti Festering Filthpit as well – the brunch price is nowhere to be found!
Do not go here if you value clean restaurants and clean environments AROUND restaurants.


Most of the Sunday brunch items were pretty tasty.

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