Paradise Biryani Pointe

 7605 37th Ave
Jackson Heights, NY

Disgusting! Public Nose Picking by Kitchen Staffer

I cannot say that the food is not good as I have been a repeat customer. However, they once charged me twice for the same meal but I only caught it by checking my bank statement. I forgave them. Then tonight, as I ate my food, someone from the kitchen stood several feet away from me and continuously picked his nose. He used a wet cloth to wipe his finger but OVERTLY picked his nose in the dining room. He even made eye contact with me a few times. Since he was not dressed in a cooks clothing, I didn’t immediately scream or anything. However, when I returned a couple of hours later I saw through the kitchen door that he was standing at the prep area and did not notice that ANYONE wore cook’s uniform. He looked shocked that I was back and I did report it to a worker who went in the back and returned—closing the door so that I could not see inside. Can’t go to a place where employees pick their noses then are around food preparation. I will add this review to as many websites as I can. Since he was so bold, I will be too.

Fish Curry

Food very good but could never return after seeing someone from the kitchen with no regard picking his nose in the dining room.

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