Three Sisters

 1717 Stout St
Denver, CO

A favorite lunch spot!

Three Sisters is not far from my workplace, and is a favorite spot for me (and my co-workers) to grab a delectable lunch.

The atmosphere is great, and all of the staff are very friendly. Sometime there is a long line during the busy lunch hour, but it moves quickly and I have never had an overly long wait. If you’re in a rush, avoid ordering a panini, as they’re one thing on the menu that does take a few more minutes to prepare.

There are 8 soups offered every day, including 2-4 vegetarian options, and you can call their “soup line” to find out if your favorite is on that day’s menu, before heading over.

Note that Three Sisters is only open mid-day weekdays, to accommodate the downtown working crowd.

Mediterranean Panini (sans chicken)

Delicious panini with roasted red peppers, red onions, artichokes, spinach, tomatoes, provolone and— the really critical item— Three Sisters’ fantastic aioli spread. This panini normally comes with chicken, but being a vegetarian I order it without, and there are still enough delicious toppings to make it a wonderful and hearty sandwich. Always toasted to perfection!

Veggie & Cheese Sandwich

Whenever ordering a sandwich (or bread to go with soup/salad) at Three Sisters, go for the Bavarian bread! I’ve also tried the wheat, and I’d assume the white is equally good, but the Bavarian is a delicious, slightly sweet dark grain brain. It’s pretty much to die for. The half-sandwich (as ordered as part of a half-sandwich and soup or salad combo) is made from its own little loaf of bread.

The veggie & cheese sandwich comes on your choice of the 3 bread options and heaped with roasted red peppers, green peppers, artichokes, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, your choice of cheese, sprouts, and a tasty honey dijon spread.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

I don’t even know exactly what it is about Three Sisters’ oatmeal raisin cookies, but they are a must-have accompaniment to any lunch there. Soft and chewy, and with some sort of delightful caramel baked right in.


Walnut Brewery

 1123 Walnut St
Boulder, CO

Delicious surprise

I stopped at the Walnut Brewery with a couple of friends on the way back from a snowshoeing trip. We were definitely ready for some good hearty food and tasty beer. I was very happy with my beverage choice of the St. James Irish Red Ale, tasty and smooth. But I was REALLY please when my food arrived. I expected the availability of vegetarian fare in Boulder (though actually, there weren’t a huge number of veg entree options on the menu), but was beyond pleased with my super delicious house-made veggie burger. Service was great too, and quick, which was great because we didn’t have a lot of time.

Laredo Burger (with Housemade Veggie Burger patty)

FANTASTIC! I’ve had many a veggie burger in my lifetime, but this house-made patty was delightfully flavorful. I got in the Laredo burger, which meant it came piled high with Pepper Jack cheese, homemade guacamole, pico de gallo and chipotle mayo. I’m drooling even now, just thinking about it. Between all those toppings and the soft veggie burger (more smush-able than frozen mass-produced patties), this dish is not for those who don’t want to get a little messy… but worth every bite, even those that need to be scooped back up from off your plate! Came with a sizable helping of tasty thin-cut fries.


The Walnut Room

 3131 Walnut St
Denver, CO

Delicious food, great atmosphere

I visited the Walnut Room with a friend for a CD release party. The “listening room” is an intimate venue that is great for performances of that size, and conveniently has a bar right in it. We went out to the main restaurant to order food, and while there were many great pizza options to entice us— including several tasty-sounding vegetarian choices— we ended up going with a mediterranean pizza, which was the special. The 10-inch pizza was plenty for the two of us to split as a hefty snack/light meal, and was piled with delicious toppings.

All of the staff were very friendly, as well. I would definitely return to the Walnut Room, for another show, or just to stop by for lunch or dinner.

Mediterranean Pizza (10")

Delectable, toppings-packed. Truly does justice to the term “gourmet” pizza. I’m not usually a fan of thin-crust, but this was fantastic.


Cafe 13

 1301 Arapahoe St
Golden, CO

One of my favorite spots in Golden

I love Cafe 13! Originally introduced to it by a friend who used to live nearby, I like to hit it up for a pesto grilled cheese and a tasty beverage whenever I’m going through that neck of the woods.

The atmosphere is always cozy and delightful, the staff always friendly, and the food and drinks consistently great.

Pesto grilled cheese

This grilled cheese is FANTASTIC! Basil pesto, sundried tomato spread, provolone & cheese, made panini-style (but they don’t take eons to make it). I am drooling on my keyboard right now! Comes with chips.

Cinnamon soy latte

I’m not a huge latte person (or fru-fru coffee drink of any variety person, really) but I was there for lunch already on an early fall day, and a warm beverage sounded just right. Cinnamon was among the seasonal latte offerings (the others were pumpkin, and honey vanilla, both of which my friends gave good reports on as well). I requested it with soy, and it was really delicious. (I don’t recall the exact price for the size I got, $4 is just a guess.)

Italian soda

I like Italian sodas, but it seems theirs can be a bit inconsistent in the amount of syrup they put in— last time I visited Cafe 13, my friend was complaining about too much flavoring, whereas I had chosen not to order an Italian soda because last time they hadn’t used enough for me! (I don’t recall the exact price, $3 is just a guess.)



 523 E 17th Ave
Denver, CO

A happy surprise!

Despite it being only a few blocks from me, I hadn’t tried Steuben’s till I won a gift card in a raffle. A friend and I went for dinner on a weekday evening, and were seated on the patio— mostly walled in, I found it much nicer than the usual downtown patios where you’re basically getting stepped on by passing pedestrians. Very nice atmosphere out there.

The food portions were very generous (we ordered more than we needed to, we didn’t realize we’d be getting such hearty helpings!) and everything was scrumptious. It was a nice change from standard chain fare and overprice gourmet morsels— “comfort food” in more ways than one.

The prices are definitely right, too! We had so much food we couldn’t finish a bunch of it, and between the two of us the bill was still under $20.

Friendly and fast service.

Grilled cheese

Nothing special— which is why it’s special. Just like mom used to make, except with better cheeses and no Wonderbread. I don’t normally order grilled cheese when eating out, but for just $4, it was definitely a worthwhile treat. Comes with chips and a pickle.

Steuben's fries

My friend and I each got an order of fries, and we could’ve split one— we each got a heaping helping of tasty, thin-cut potato goodness.


Again, not normally something I order when I go out to eat, because I like me some coleslaw, and normally you get a tiny little cup of it as a side. Steuben’s delivered a sizable bowlful, and it was yummy.

Sugar rolled hush puppies

My friend ordered the hush puppies, and with so much food in front of us, I had to help her finish them off. I’m no hush puppy connoisseur (I actually had to ask her what they were, while waiting for our food to arrive) so I can’t authoritatively say how these related to hush puppies elsewhere, but I found them delightful.


Grand China Restaurant

 2202 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO

Friendly staff, good food, right price

I tried Grand China for the first time last night, and was pleased by the experience. I ordered my food for takeout, and the staff (both over the phone and when I went in to pick up my order) were very friendly. The restaurant appeared clean and was someplace I might dine-in, as well. I had a stop to make on the way home, but when I finally got to opening up my food 15 minutes later, it was still hot and tasty. I definitely will order from Grand China again.

Vegetable Lo Mein

Very tasty, big portion, and lots of vegetables. Just a tad greasy for my tastes, but I’m learning I may have gotten spoiled on the fantastic lo mein in my home town— this was definitely still worth it, and I’m planning on the leftovers for lunch today.

Egg Roll

I had the vegetable egg rolls, and they were exactly what they should be— and as a bonus, they didn’t look insanely uniform, like something fried right out of a bulk box of frozen egg rolls you’d pick up a King Soopers. $2.50 for 2



 837 E. 17th Ave.
Denver, CO

My favorite place to eat in Denver!

I have been to Watercourse many times, and surely will be back many more. From their mouth-watering breakfasts to hearty sandwiches to savory entrees, there is always something more I wish I could fit into any visit at Watercourse. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed, the servers are attentive but not hovering, and the vegan baked goods are not to be missed for dessert!

Almost everything on the menu can be prepared vegan, but I’ve been to Watercourse with many a skeptical meat-eater who came away pleased, as well. I’ve been there with friends, for business lunches, and on my own with a good book.

The only thing I’ve ever had at Watercourse that wasn’t divine, was the BBQ tofu entree (see review below).


The Toulouse breakfast scramble is a favorite of mine at Watercourse. I order it with tofu, the home-made sourdough wheat toast, and the sweet potato homefries (definitely worth the minor extra price for these!) Deeeeee-licious!

French Dip

I was wary of meat substitutes when I first tried this sandwich, but I was won over at first bite! It now appears on their menu as the “Grinder”— if you’re looking for a plain french dip, you can order it without some of the extra toppings, but I recommend leaving the avocado on— who knew it’d be a delightful, subtle addition to a french dip sandwich?

Oogave Organic Fountain Soda

My favorite! I first encountered this delightful soft drink line at the 1st Denver VegFest back in ‘08, and have been hooked ever since! You can find it in bottles at Whole Foods and some local cafes, but Watercourse is the only place I know of that has it in fountain form. My favorite is the Ginger Ale (which actually tastes like ginger!— I’m not a big fan of most ginger ales), but all are delicious and refreshing.

BBQ Tofu

Good, but I’m a big fan of BBQ tofu, and frankly can make much better than this. Maybe it’s a matter of knowing what you’re getting yourself into— the sauce on the tofu was no so much barbeque, it tasted more like straight marinara sauce, so I was disappointed in the lack of flavor. With so many other delicious dishes on Watercourse’s menu, I’d skip this one and try something else instead.

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

I love Watercourse’s vegan gravies! The one on the mashed potatoes is different than the one in some of the breakfast dishes, and I think is even more savory and delectable. It is definitely what makes the mashed potatoes a commonly-chosen side on my visits to Watercourse.


Earl's Restaurant

 1600 Glenarm Pl
Denver, CO

Very disappointing for the price

I went to Earl’s for a nice dinner with a couple of friends, and without fail we were all very disappointed with our food. The title says it was “disappointing for the price,” but even if it was cheaper, I still would not have been happy with the quality of the food. I don’t remember the name of the salad I ordered, but it was supposed to involve cranberries as a primary ingredient— it contained 3. Another person in my party barely ate their food. Only one found it decently palatable.

Earl’s may have a nice environment, but the meals definitely do not live up to the atmosphere, and certainly not to the price tag.


Masalaa Indian Restaurant

 3140 S Parker Rd
Aurora, CO

Worth the drive!

I recently went here with a group of friends. It is mainly southern Indian cuisine, and a couple of my friends who’d been to India before said it was just like the food they ate while there. I was also encouraged to see that almost all the other patrons of the restaurant appeared to be of Indian background, which reassured me that the food was a good, authentic example of Indian cuisine.

I liked Indian food already, but upon arriving we discovered that there was a $10 buffet that evening (a Thursday). There were so many options, there was no way that I would have been able to sample them all, and the staff there were very helpful in assisting one of our party who has dietary restrictions in identifying dishes she could eat. As a vegetarian myself, it is always a treat to eat somewhere that I don’t have to worry about finding the few things I can eat on the menu (Masalaa is all-veg). All of the food we tried was absolutely delicious, and you can’t beat that price for a sampling of so much tasty Indian food.

I live in downtown Denver, so it’s a bit of a drive, but one I’d consider worth making again to enjoy Masalaa’s tasty fare.


China Star Chinese Restaurant

 2831 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO

Some hits, some misses

I tried China Star for the first time recently (take-out), and after I ate my really delicious appetizers, I open up my lo mein take-out box. I am a big veggie lo mein fan, so it’s what I order 95% of the time when I get Chinese, so I’ve tasted plenty… this one initially looked promising, with a good amount of veggies in it. However, it was by far the greasiest Chinese dish I’ve ever eaten. I ended up throwing most of it away.
However, since the other 2 items I got were so good, I’ll probably give China Star a try again some time— but I will not be ordering the lo mein!


VERY generous portion— definitely the biggest I’ve seen from other Chinese or Asian food joints. Cooked just right, too!

Crispy Veggie Egg Roll (1)

Excellent egg rolls— nothing too fancy, just a good tasty veggie egg roll.

Vegetable Lo Mein

This is where my meal took a downturn… while my appetizers were scrumptious, and the lo mein looked like it would be too (generous portion of vegetables included in it!), as soon as I tasted it I knew something was not right. It was SUPER greasy. I ended up eating very little of it (mostly picking out some of the veggies) and tossing the rest. I can usually scarf down a full portion of veggie lo mein, but this was the worst I’ve had.

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