Kobe Japanese Restaurant

 104 Benton Spur Rd
Bossier City, LA

my dogs wouldn't even look at me for a month....

I was really looking forward to my birthday dinner last week. The wait was long, the staff was too busy to be hospitable and the food…….my dogs sniffed the leftovers I took home for them and (after long contemplation) slowly ate it (they had a light lunch and were starving)….. My husband had the chicken and said his dinner was fine.

For what I was expecting – I was VERY disappointed to say the least. The guests at the next table expressed their agreement. I know my husband tried – going to McDonalds would have been like going to France for my birthday compared to Kobe’s….going to get more Pepto now.


The whole place, food, EVERYTHING about Kobes is FISHY!!!

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