Starbucks Coffee

 1102 Nw Lovejoy St
Portland, OR


I recently became a Starbucks customer for about 2 months straight.
Long story really short :
Mostly i had an awful experience at this Pearl Lovejoy Star*ucks, repeatedly. Since i work near this location, also live nearby it was a convenient,easy to reach in a hurry. However, they could not make my particular drink correctly. it was a special custom drink not on the generic menu.
i am a squeaky -wheel, i will complain….
so i did, first i was nice about it, as time went forward and their skills at making my drink stagnated i became a bit more agitated ….
i wanted them to make my drink the way i wanted it, NOT the way they wanted to make it. constantly they wanted to make it they way they thought it ought to be…really Witches…. who da hell paid for my drink? huh? thats right……ME MYSELF AND I!!!
Well, three particular employees ( if you can call ‘em that) started to give me their personal attitude, they acted as if my drink was rocket science, they wouldn’t listen to my helpful hints on how to make it a bit better based on other Starbucks and how they made my drink. this Starbucks started acting like down right witches, so of course i became a harder witch back!!!
Really?? i am paying $6 a cup and now i get horrid service along with a messed-up cup of “not what i ordered.”
There were 3 main players in my awful experience at that Starbucks mainly it was the guy who looks like a pinched face homosexual pirate, no really he looked like a pirate with a turned up mustache , the Punjab Mid. Eastern parrot nosed looking idiot ..oh and the crossed eyed Big Foot looking waste of skin.
those guys were such moronic moose knuckles when it came to making my drink. i mean come on, im paying close to and up to $6 a cup for something. its my treat in my work day, its my splurge, my bit of yum heaven in my rather challenging work day.
i have every right to have my Starbucks the way i prefer it. Even when i called the Mother Ship of Starbucks they agreed with me 100% even though you could tell they were kissing my bleep-hole to keep me a happy customer, damn, i wished the Lovejoy Starbucks location knew how to keep a happy customer.
the kicker is that other Starbucks locations knew how to make my particular drink just fine. they were quite a distance to travel to….. ugh, the Pearl Lovejoy Starbucks is just stuck up and some of their employees are eye rolling ghetto-ish blank-holes with no skills to carry the expectations of what it means to be “Starbucks.”
Also their customer service skills are that of a McDonald drive thru in the ghettos of Gresham.
cough-cough-spit * oh look i just vomited up my last cup of what they made me, so give me all back my money instead of making me another cup of your bullsit!
i am no longer a customer of Starbucks.
ahhh, now that feels better already! :-D


Hardly ever made my drink the way i requested without asking for a re-make with all their attitudes.

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