1785 John F Kennedy Rd
Dubuque, IA

Frustrated and disappointed

I have eaten at IHOP in Dubuque IA several times in the past; as well as, one in Coralville IA a few months ago. We have not been to our Dubuque location for years, after bad service. However, the restaurant was remodeled, so we decided to give it a try today. Frustrated and disappointed, is the kindest words I can say. First off, my husband’s soda was flat and it took several minutes for them to bring him another. Then, it was approximately 20 minutes until our food came. My bacon was like eating rocks, and I had ordered hashbrowns (which were included in my meal), on them I also ordered swiss cheese and onion. The person who brought them was not our waitress and I explained to her that I had ordered the swiss cheese and onion on them. She said she would be right back with them. Needless to say, my husband and daughter had both finished their meals, and I was still waiting. I had to ask for them a third time. By the time they came, my eggs and sausage were cold…..and I was very upset!!! The waitress never came back to check our drinks until the end. The “manager” came to our table and said he was “sorry” and had removed the “charge” for them, as well as given us a 20% discount. First of all, there should not have been a charge for hashbrowns that were included in the meal. That infuriated me more, but I kept my mouth shut. Every other restaurant I know of would’ve given the ENTIRE meal free!! This was not the end of it. My husband went into the restroom while I was finishing my meal. He said it looked like someone had wiped “snot” all over it!! Disgusting!! The people in the table behind us also commented on the bathrooms, as well as, the take-home crepes they had ordered several minutes earlier, when they finished their meal. It took over 10 minutes to get them. I have always loved IHOP’s food choices. When I ate at the one in Coralville IA back in the fall, it was absolutely wonderful food and service!!! I guess someone needs to do a better job at our Dubuque location or they will be loosing customers at a high rate!! Needless to say, we did NOT leave a tip…and are usually very good tippers (at least 15-20%).

1. Pic A Pancake Combo

I must say that the Coralville IA makes much bigger pancakes and the food was HOT, not cold or lukewarm.

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