Tawakal Restaurant

 12609 Nicollet Avenue
Burnsville, MN

Terrible Service

Your restaurant is biased and has terrible customer service. My husband was treated terribly. He was ignored as he sat at the table waiting for his order to be taken. After a while he walked to the counter to order his food. He was told to sit down they’d bring his food. Well he ended up having to pick up his food himself. Why? Because he was given a to-go bag. He explained again that he was dining in. He sat down to eat with PLASTICWARE because he wasn’t given SILVERWARE. He said he felt uncomfortable and ignored. That is not how you treat your customers. All customers should be treated equally – no matter what they look like. The man had just gotten off work which is over 1200 miles away from home. He should be able to go anywhere and eat a good meal.

Not memorable


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