That's Amore

 690 Haddon Ave
Collingswood, NJ


I took the girlfriend here on Friday night. Place is pretty small, NOT fat guy friendly, that’s FOR SURE. I got stuck in a corner by the fireplace, which I was wedged between an unused table that was behind me, that of course I couldn’t move. Of course being as big as I am, I got the same old nasty looks from people in Collingswood because of my size.

We ordered. Our server was nice. The Pomme Fritas were good (the white truffle oil MAKES that dish), girlfriend got Gnocchi Alfredo, and it also had Parmesan Or Reggiano ( I don’t know which) shavings, which was nice. I got this stuffed flounder dish that came with Risotto since it was “seafood month” The flounder was good, minus the hard, crunchy plate dressing that got into it. I moved that out of the way it was tasty. I got to the Risotto, which had WAYY to much lemon in it. I alerted the server to this. We had mini cannolis for dessert. Standard cannoli’s, nothing special, but still tasty.

I got the bill; my dinner was still full price. I asked why, I was told it was because I didn’t alert them until after it was too late to replace it… well… let’s analyze this…

I got my dish, I immediately dove into the flounder part, since I was hungry. I was still eating the flounder and I had not touched the Risotto yet when the server came by and asked if everything was ok, and it was at that point, after I finished the flounder, I tried the risotto, and I found out it was pretty bad. Server comes back after the GF is done her dish and I am disgusted with mine and this is when I tell her.


The server had told me the owner was willing to negotiate by letting me take home a half order on cannoli’s or a side of pasta or sauce or something… at that point I was too disgusted to even think about it, since the owner had the AUDACITY to make me pay for something that I couldn’t even EAT.

I didn’t alert the server to how the meal was consumed or the timing issues I stated above, because at this point I knew it would do no good, since by her responses from the owner, I could already tell what mind set he was in.

I am by no long stretch a picky eater or the overly critiquing type, as I know what it’s like to work in food service and I have prepared peoples food on a daily basis, but come on… regardless of when you are notified if the food is bad, I shouldn’t have to pay for it if even YOU couldn’t stomach it… It seriously had like 4 table spoons too much of lemon juice in it… it was so acidic it could have degrease an engine.

This place COULD be great, but a few strings need to be tied down… and in a town like Collingswood, a single review could, knock a place over….

I hope this place gets its act together. This review STAYS.

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