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Gástro Ecléctico the open minded foodie regardless of origin, ethnicity, style, ingredients, vegan, meaty or fishy, fingers or forks, I love food: finding it; trying it; and showing it – traditional or nouveau… Bon appétit from el Gástro Ecléctico!


Black Angus Steakhouse

 2770 W Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ

Continuously Strives to please the customer - GOOD CHOICE!

I tend to hesitate when visiting big box local or national chains – I flinch at the predictable robot-like staff, factory dish and production! This patron’s opinion of dining in such eateries many times validate my fears, and prove to be a somewhat unpleasant experience! Although I obviously don’t pretend to have tried everything on Black Angus’ menu, what limited helpings I and those with me do have, may show that their food preparation, cooking and attention to detail and quality, do not always hit the mark, although the service is good, it appeared to me overall to be short of exquisite! I am sure you’ll find other Black Angus’ that may be better elsewhere as I have, and urge you to do your homework if you really want a worthwhile experience, but the overall attentive service and quality of the dishes here was very, very good and well worth returning. Prime rib was excellent, Tips were very, very good as were Au gratin potatoes although somewhat on the thick side, green beans with bacon were well above average, and the sautéed mushrooms with Onions and Tri Tips with Baked Potato, cooked and presented as requested – yet dessert of Peach Cobbler left a lot to be desired of. Big box or not, this is one of those we keep returning to because they are consistent, and are continuously striving to do well and please the customer. See you soon Angus! Bon appétit!

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  • 8/12/2018

    Gastroeclectico tried Black Angus Steakhouse.

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    Gastroeclectico tried Oregano's Pizza Bistro, liked it, and rated it . Gastroeclectico liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Seven visits to three of their six locations, and I keep having a hard time choosing a best location! Fortunately, the closest to us is on Elliott Road, and have frequented it the most, though not the quaintest of the locations, it is fantastically terri
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    Gastroeclectico tried Can Can Brasserie in Carytown and liked it.

  • 2/27/2017

    Gastroeclectico tried Wendy's in Mountain Park Ranch and liked it.

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The Late Great Justin Wilson
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My wife and I considering ourselves being somewhat wine connoisseurs, not snobs mind you, are lucky to live in a state that offers so many vineyards, varietals and makes it so easy to go wine tasting often – making day outings incredibly enjoyable by either doing picnics, wine tastings, parings, tours wine and dine, or just outright relaxing. Wine is, as most dining, a very subjective experience and varies to one’s own palate and preference and even mood. Rather than try to compare one winery, vineyard, grape or wine to another, I have developed a scoring method that will give both the occasional novice wine taster or the most sophisticated connoisseur a bearing which to select each establishment by, based on our single, or sometimes multiple visits to each location. The criteria is as follows: 1) beauty of location and its scenery (how nature plays into the overall landscaping, accommodations, furnishings and area surroundings – pleasing to the eye and feel); 2) the establishment’s appearance and ambience (the care and taste taken to either preserve historical or style and esthetics of the surroundings in architecture, structures, ecology, nature, traditional or non-traditional décor and design – making it either romantic, fun, relaxing or other); 3) the owner and/or operators’ consideration to their patrons and hospitality (here the hominess, hospitality, friendliness, rapport and personalities or individual character of owners and staff plays in, as well as their honest and knowledgeable expertise of the product, its cultivation and development, ingredients and taste descriptions); 4) activities, events and/or meals or munchies (this being subjective and specific, as many wineries do not offer entertainment, activities or foods, appetizers accompanying or pairing items for the tasting and/or lingering around with their wine offerings); 5) wine selection, quality, taste and varieties (how many wines, too many wines, how many do we like, is one better than others, cork or screw-top, etc.); and 6) heavily weighted on our taste (this one is ultra-subjective and particular because although my wife may agree on many, we don’t always agree on all – and for varying reasons. Depending on your preference and mine being so naturally different, this can be a coin toss for readers); as well as 7) value, consistency and price of the product (I think this may be self-explanatory – as some wineries may have the tendency to overprice their product, and/or limit any discounts and availability). Taken as a whole, the evaluation process is still difficult because of again, its subjective nature. And, one needs to take into consideration that wine taste and quality varies from region to region, barrel to barrel, grape to grape, vine to vine and harvest to harvest, not to mention again – our individual taste buds. I hope this clarifies my measuring method for you! Don't whine, just wine!
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