Cascata Caffe

 801 W Sproul Rd
Springfield, PA


after visiting this restaurant I feel the need to warn everyone. Four of us went here for xmas eve dinner. We always go to arugula in glen mills which i highly recommend.But we wanted to try something closer and different.Big mistake. I ordered shrimp scampi. Well it came out was brown because the owner adds mushrooms which is fine but the sauce was to me inedible.Tasted like dirt, my brother in law tasted it and said there was a strange taste also? I asked for the manager/owner , the waiter said he is busy in the kitchen? You do not have 5 min to address a upset customer. Finally here he comes, well i have never in my life encountered such an arrogant smug nasty owner.!! He raised his voice to me said the mushrooms are fresh and this is how i make it.He refused to refund the money for the dish.People were staring, I was very upset. I told him I will be writing a review, he said are you threatening me???? Seriously? He also has no pos system for the servers.,they have to manually add up each table..Ridiculous. The hallway to the restrooms are disgusting also,Just appauled this owner treats his customers like this. STAY FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You want a fantastic meal go to Arugula glien mills Pa!!!


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