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Starbucks Coffee

 2062 W Avenue K
Lancaster, CA

Less-Crowded than Some of Its Cousins

Look, it’s Starbucks. Everything here tastes exactly the same as it does at every other Starbucks. Only 2 things make a difference, once you have accepted this fact: 1) the customer service at this particular branch and 2) the level of crowding.

1) It’s okay. The place tends to be fairly quiet, the staff seem to be contented, and you normally don’t have a long wait.

2) This comes right out of #1. This is a relatively empty Starbucks. Its cousin over in West Lancaster on K is jammed to the gills, while this one has its ebb and flow spells. I tend to hit this place during the ebb for some odd reason, so I prefer this one.

Don’t miss the iced green tea. Cheap, filling, skip the sweetener. Have them shake in 2 Splendas instead.

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