Around the Clock 24 Hour

 8 Stuyvesant St Ste 1
New York, NY

God awful service

My Friends (9 or 10 people) and I were looking for a place to eat late on Friday, they were heading to the McDonald’s on 3rd when I noticed this place was open around the corner and suggested that we’d probably get better food here. We were seated promptly and the waiter took our order in a perfectly timely fashion, thats where the good stopped.

After waiting for a Shrimp Scampi and a 2 Soups of the Day for 45 minuets my friends and I at the table of 4 and left and went to the McDonald’s. In all this time we never got our drinks, never got our food, the waiter never came around; we just sat there and waited. After we ate at McDonald’s I decided to swing back by this place and take up my frustration with the manager.

All she could say was the waiter was new and If you’ve ever served food you’d know that it can be difficult and that all she could do was take the food off the check.

Now I’ve never served food but I’ve eaten everywhere from $5 BK/McD’s to $100 a steak for one steakhouses and in all this time I’ve never come across service so irreverent to the customer.

I’ve gotten free drinks/sides at BK/McD’s for waiting for some part of my meal to be done an extra 2 or 3 minuets more without saying a word it was given to me out of common curtsy by the managers or staff. I’ve had my food come lukewarm after 20 minuets because it stood for too long while other peoples’ food was getting done, but at least I got my drinks on time. I’ve waited 30 minuets because my plate was sent to the wrong table and they had to cook me a new one, but the manager came out, apologized, explained and brought out some free munchies and drinks to hold me over. But I have never, ever had to wait for 45 minuets for absolutely nothing! So no, I haven’t served food and I don’t know what’s it’s like, but I’ve been served food in every price range and I sure-as-$h!t know what it’s supposed to be like being waited on!

It Doesn’t take 45 minuets to scoop out a few ladles of soup of the day from the giant cat they keep it in, the pasta is pre-made all it takes is 10 minuets to toss some shrimp on the grill and plate it on the pasta. So where is the breakdown of service and accountability?

Another thing is the waiter took our orders perfectly on time so there’s no way in hell it’s all his fault.

Lastly instead of owing up to the mistakes of the waiter/cooks and trying to atone for it somehow or giving an earnest apology like a good manager, the Woman a) blamed it all on the waiter b) seemed very apathetic to the whole thing (lets face it they defiantly don’t give 2 $h!ts and a flying f#ut startle any one. So in the city that never sleeps you would be hard pressed to NOT find another comparable 24 hr diner withing 10 blocks in ANY direction.

Shrimp Scampi

Never got it!

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