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Don't compare precedents, and you will truly love the present ...

Every time I visit a country, I make it a priority to taste the street food. My dream is to eat street food in every night market throughout the world.



 112 Berry St
Brooklyn, NY

Cajun in Brooklyn

The catfish sandwich, the catfish sandwich, the catfish sandwich. I hope I got my point across. This is the first cajun restaurant I have ever visited and found it to be better than I thought. For one, I was expecting cajun to be greasy but I was proven wrong. The catfish sandwich is covered with rice panko which gives it a super crunchy outside while minimizing an oily feel. You get a generous portion of two catfish fillets accompanied by spicy fries with cajun seasoning. Oh, and check this out, an underlooked but super important part is that the sandwich bun has a splash of butter. Now that adds so much more dimension. Amazing.

The best sandwich in the world - Catfish sandwich with spicy fries at Juniper

Catfish sandwich with spicy fries

Rice panko encrusted catfish fillet with buttered bun. Amazing.


China Cafe

 675 Us Highway 1 S
Iselin, NJ

That Steam Chicken and Veggies

Been coming here for years. It wasn’t until recently that I ordered the steamed chicken with veggies. Finally, I have found the meaning of life! The chicken is relatively thin which plays well with a dish of veggies. It does make you believe that it’s a healthy dish. And I believe it. There is an even proportion of chicken to veggies. My new favorite dish.

steamed chicken with veggies - 502. Steamed Vegetables with Chicken at China Cafe

502. Steamed Vegetables with Chicken

An even proportion of awesomeness


Kurry Pavilion

 430 3rd Ave
New York, NY

Top spot for Indo-Chinese food

Haven’t finally tried this new spot in Manhattan, I’m glad to say it lived up to expectation. It’s a fancier spot, not a mom-and-pop establishment

The best curry fish I've ever tried - Curry fish at Kurry Pavilion

Curry fish

The curry and fish was right on the spot

chicken masala at Kurry Pavilion

chicken masala

Definitely the best chicken masala I’ve ever had


This dessert is made of cheese and milk. Never experienced anything like this. It was amazing. Cold.

chocolate lava cake

Seriously, this place makes everything good.


Latin Bakery Corporation

 4141 Main Street
Queens, NY

A must-try in Flushing

This is my favorite Colombian restaurant in Queens, NY. The sancocho soup is the best in town, no doubt.

sancocho soup



Pure Thai Shophouse

 766 9th Ave
New York, NY

The most authentic

My friends have been bragging about Pure for a while so I decided to finally try it out. I was a bit skeptical at first, since my friends referred to another Thai restaurant nearby as being the most authentic. Much to my chagrin, it was far from good.

With that experience in mind, I didn’t expect my friends to be very accurate about another Thai restaurant and it’s authenticity. But after trying out the food, I was amazed. For sure, it turned out to be the best Thai food I ever had in Manhattan. On top of that, the waitresses have authentic smiles. A big plus.

Long live Pure!

Green Papaya Salad and Ratchaburi Crab & Pork Dry Noodles

Green Papaya Salad and Ratchaburi Crab & Pork Dry Noodles! ’Nuff said.



 212 E 9th St
New York, NY

The Fish

The fish is so darn good!!!!!

Fish or Shrimp Tempura

Perfect. Just perfect!


Nom Wah Tea Parlor

 13 Doyers St
New York, NY

Going back in a good way

This is without a doubt one of my favorite restaurants in Chinatown. Lauded as the first dimsum restaurant in NYC, it’s not hard by believe by the classic interior.

I have been a fan of this place for several years even the former owner didn’t manage it well. But since the ownership has changed hands, it’s now up to par with the rest of the best in Chinatown.

In my opinion, the two best things are Nom Wah are old, classic interior and the fact that they have dimsum all day!

And for history buffs, the restaurant is located on Doyers Street, which is historically known for the battles between rival gangs.

I go to Nom Wah at least 3 times a month, which is alot considering the plethora of restaurants in the city. I recommend it to every tourist who not only wants good food, but also see how Chinatown was during its “golden” years.

dim sum

I have tried pretty much all the dimsum options they have in the last year or so. I am happy.


Wo Hop

 15 Mott St
New York, NY

THE classic Chinese restaurant

Wo Hop is, as many people will say, an institution in Chinatown NYC. Their dishes are amazing at an unbeatable price. Everyone I know likes the restaurant. Despite being there about 40 times in the last 5 years, I find Wo Hops service and food to be consistently good. This place will remain one of my favorites for a long time, no doubt.

The only downside is the clientele. Right across the street from Wo Hop is an arcade which attracts alot of young, trashy punks. They’ll come into the restaurant to use the bathroom – which of course only customers are allowed to – then start a fight with the waiters when denied. Can’t wait for that arcade to close.

Roast Duck

I just recently found this treasure. Seriously, Wo Hop has the best prices for such quality food.

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