ABC Seafood

 708 New High St
Los Angeles, CA

OMG! What a FIND!!!!

This was the find of the century …absolutely the BEST DEAL in town!!!
Not your regular Chinese take out. But, instead a very long steam table with just about any and every main dish delicacy you could imagine!
Most of the items were ones I had seen on higher-priced menus, (or in Hong Kong) and many more which I had not seen… each seasoned perfectly & of the quality you would expect from more expensive restaurants.

There were several kinds each of chicken, beef, pork & seafood dishes, exceptional fresh & perfectly cooked vegetable entries, tofu, etc… even juicy & crispy, perfectly fried shrimps in their shell! The list goes on & on. )

Included with your meal was shrimp-fried rice AND your choice of 4 different kinds of Chinese noodles; (regular chow mien, tiny rice-noodle vermicelli chow mien, tiny wheat noodle vermicelli chow mean, or wide flat rice noodle & bean sprout in oyster sauce.)

Opposite from most Chinese steam tables, where the fried rice & chow mien are just flavorless plate-fillers, these were absolutely delicious and perfectly seasoned.

Now in spite of the delicious food, the best part was the unbelievable price!

One selection (plus fried rice and chow mien) was only $1.99
Two selections (plus fried rice & chow mien) was only $2.99
Three selections (plus fried rice & chow mien) was only &3.99

I opted for the ‘two selection’ meal, spicy eggplant & Crispy Shrimp fried in their shell.
So much food was loaded onto the Styrofoam take out box that it could barely close!
(There actually was enough food two … and all for only $2.99!)

The only down-side was that it is TAKE OUT ONLY.
There were NO TABLES to sit & eat. But there was a nice shady bench across the street.

Szechwan Shrimp

Crispy shrimp fried in their shell & seasoned with Salt & Szechwan pepper.
These were big, juicy and delicious… and they gave us several with our meal.

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