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 4165 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati, OH

MELT: Unique Deli Serving Up Affordable Delicacies

Located in the a small yet diverse neighborhood of Northside, Melt is a delightful change of pace for those seeking more from their plates. The atmosphere is artistic and bohemian where local artists works are often found displayed on the walls for sale, or merely to admire while dining. The mismatched tables and chairs give the air of decorating your first apartment with found odds and ends. Even their menu is bright and quirky. Boasting a multitude of vegan/vegitarian options along side traditional deli favorites, Melt inspires patrons to try something outside-the-box. The cooler is filled with health-conscious sodas and juices that pair perfectly with any menu meal and much of their ingredients are locally sourced. With all this hip, healthy fare, here is one eclectic deli that will make your heart melt.

The Rockin' Moroccan Burrito with a side of Rosemary Redskins

Ordering this item may sound like a mouthful, but when you finally get a mouthful of the Rockin’ Moroccan Burrito, words will escape you all together. This mixture of samosa-style onions, roasted eggplant, tomatoes, and chickpeas is generously seasoned with spices, wrapped in a tortilla, and served with Raita. It can be paired up with several sides, however I opted for the rosemary redskins with curry catsup.

The flavors are sensational and the fragrance of this menu item could easily draw a crowd. Rosemary redskins are definitely a good side choice for this particular main course. Curry catsup blends seamlessly with flavors of cumin and coriander and none of the flavors taste like they are fighting for dominance. The portion is extremely filling and for such a low price, it beats out it’s major-chain competitors. Hands down, one of the most satisfying meals I have had in some time.

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