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Clyde's Tower Oaks Lodge

 2 Preserve Pkwy
Rockville, MD

This resturaunt is just okay when ever i go there food s...

This resturaunt is just okay
when ever i go there food seems always some what simliar as before and doesnt seem to change the menu to my tastes, so i basically always end up with a steak, which isn’t as bad thing. But i wouldn’t mind them to add some other fish dishes(trout, samon, bass, maybe even pike{ i’ve never had it but it sounds good})
also food takes awhile, and i and several other i know, have had there food dropped on the way to our table
lastly the view tower oaks is impressive but fading away. See, there use it to be a good amount of forest and tree ’s in the area, but now large corpations are buying and building land on those foresty areas, whcih takes away the beauty of Tower Oaks
Also if u just wanna chill at the bar and watch sports this is the place to go :)

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