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Where's the Beef? Heck - Where's the Pulled Pork?

I rarely review fast food locations, but I am going to make an exception here this time. Let me start by saying first off that the quality of the food was fine, no doubt about it. It was, for the most part, up to what I consider to be the fairly high standards of the Wendy’s corporation chain. And while I don’t eat here on a super regular basis, I probably do manage eight or ten visits per year. Now with that having been said, this was my first experience at this location, and it involves only the drive-thru. I cannot speak to the inside service, the cleanliness, nor the bathrooms. I don’t know the condition of the chairs, the soda machine, nor how well the supplies (such as straws and napkins) are kept. So:
Wendy’s is in the middle of the “BBQ Pulled Pork” ad campaign right now, and as a true fan of both BBQ and of Pulled Pork, I thought that I would give it a try. I pulled up to the ordering board and perused the menu. After a moment, I was ready, and I ordered. I asked for the Cheeseburger/BBQ Pork combo meal, spicy sauce, Coke for the drink, and a small chili. The pork burger is a single cheeseburger topped with their new BBQ pork, and comes with your choice of smoky, sweet, or spicy sauce. The combo comes with a side of fries and a drink.
The speed of service was fine, and as always, I verified “One burger, one fry, a chili and my drink” before leaving the window. It was about eight minutes or so to the hotel, and on to my dinner. Now as I stated earlier, the quality of the food was fine overall. But I was sadly disappointed, to say the least, in three of the four items that I received. The Coke was Diet Coke. The small chili turned out to be a “super-small chili”, in that it was only approximately half full, and while flavorful, it contained very little of the “meat, bean, onion” part. It was mainly liquid. Was this the bottom of the batch? It was around 8:10 pm, and perhaps it had been emptied during the dinner rush. As a final insult to my almost $10.00 meal, there was no BBQ pork on my BBQ pulled pork burger. The main thing I had come in here for, was nowhere to be seen. I was certainly not jumping up for a 15 mile round tripper just to resolve the missing pig product dilemma I now faced. The bun was correct, and delicious, so it’s not like I got a regular cheeseburger by mistake, they simply forgot to put on any pork. The only porcine item in sight was Wendy’s PIGtails on the bag. Bummer. The produce was excellent, the meat cooked and seasoned properly, I just missed the BBQ Pork station in the burger line, I guess.
So will I try again to hit the BBQ Bonanza at Wendy’s? I’m sure I will. But I will look closer next time, or maybe I’ll just find a time where I can dine in, and I can assure myself that I get what I came here for.

Natural Cut French Fries

Well cooked. Hot, Well seasoned.

Side Order of Chili

Good flavor. Only half full though. Not much meat, onions, beans. It was as if I got the end of the container.

Where's the Beef? No, where's the Pulled Pork? Left off of the burger. Bacon, but no BBQ Pork. - Pulled Pork Cheeseburger at Wendy's

Pulled Pork Cheeseburger

Well cooked, fresh toppings. But unfortunately, for the price, no pulled pork. Very expensive for a single bacon burger. 4 star rating is for the burger. Muinus 1 star for missing the pork.

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