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Stab It With A Fork!

I realized while entering my last meal, that if I want to eat that I need to die during fresh corn season. That might require more thought than I’m willing to give


New Delhi Restaurant

 160 Ellis St
San Francisco, CA

You always come back to your first

Full disclosure: New Delhi Restaurant is the first place I ever had Indian food, nearly 15 years ago. There is of course always going to be a bit of nostalgia on reviewing such a place, but every devotee of every other Indian place in the Bay Area area has become a convert to NDR. Prices are very reasonable and portions are more than enough for leftover meals. Extraordinarily attentive and friendly service, so don’t be afraid to ask for your food spicy if you like it that way, since they’ll never let your water glass run empty. Food is consistently delicious and fresh — great place for vegetarians, as well. I’m anything but a vegetarian, but often get to the end of a meal and realize I ordered completely meat-free

Chicken Tikka Masala

This is New Delhi’s version of butter chicken. But instead of butter, they use cream. So the dish is much more smooth and flavorful and much less oily than you find at other places. They also make a version with paneer instead of chicken, so if you’re vegetarian, they have you covered.

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