Round Table Pizza

 2690 41st Ave
Soquel, CA

Manager Yadi, Supervisor Alma Needs to Be Fired!

First off, just check the Yelp reviews….Here’s my last, and final visit……This place sucks!……So, don’t come here, if you’ve put a bad review. Your Manager (Yadi), comes out, and tell me “you can’t come back here, because of your review on Yelp”. She even told me “the owner Jeff said that too?” This place is crazy! Your Manager is now coming outside harasses your customers now? I paid over $20, put in a tip too by the way. Plus she didn’t even have her mask on? Barely 6 feet away too! Your Manager is running your place down to the ground Jeff! 2 Stars, and that’s not because of my review either. Your Manager has been there for years! Not to mention that supervisor Sister (Alma). You’ve probably lost lots of customers because of her too. Hope she’s not touching people still! Just look at your other customer reviews! “Incredibly surly and passive aggressive staff”….(2 months ago). I CAN SEE THAT HAPPENING. Just recently you can’t even cook a pizza? Hope those people don’t get harassed, and told not to come back again. I’m afraid of others now too. Is why I am posting another negative review, and hope people listen. We hope the Owner does too. I actually don’t mind Round Table Pizza :)

3. One Topping Personal

Not the best pizza I had…..

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