Sly Fox Restaurant

 2957 Shore Dr
Virginia Beach, VA

Highly Disappointed

First let me say when reading reviews, it is hard to truly determine the accuracy of reviews. Some given by friends of owners, waitstaff or God forbid the employees. I was excited to eat at this restaurant after reading the reviews. I believe that reviews are important to consumers and to owners because only in knowing a diners experience can we make true and honest improvements to lead to greater success. Here is my review.
Atmosphere: Intimate locals restaurant bar combo. Decor very nice and comfortable
Service: Incredibly fast, cheerful wait staff. Owners visited with every table of regular customers but not with new customers.
Food: Awful. Ordered appetizer of Toast Points with Goat cheese Olive compote and grilled garlic. Garlic was dry (microwaved) and inconsistently cooked( not spreadable). Goat cheese warm and creamy. Bread was dry and fell apart and not a good choice for this type of appetizer. Baguette or crackers would have been much better. Dry cold bread is not. Red peppers were cold. Olive Compote was yummy. Disappointing as this is one of our favorite dishes. Dinner was Flank state for 16.00 and garlic green beans. Beans were micro size and fresh with lovely flavor. Flank state was not pleasant Cooked perfectly to sight. Bit in and on the front end tasted the brown sugar soy and bourbon. With in two seconds on the back end was a disgusting oven cleaner taste. The meal was not eaten and was not compensated for( in addition brought it home for family to sample who all gave the same opinion) . The second meal was described as “slced” beef brisket for 17. What was received was a “mound” of “shredded” meat that would have been placed on a kaiser roll and served as BBQ (acceptable price maybe 9.00). The “juice” it was served with was out of a package and not from hours of cooking a wonderful roasted brisket. It was served with Mac and Cheese that was spiral noodles with clumpy alfredo sauce. The cheese had not melted into the sauce to make a cream mixture of pure delight. It did however have a good flavor. This restaurant would be great for a upscale intimate bar serving brick oven pizza, hamburgers or great tuna sandwiches place. Improvements need to be either changing the menu to a more bar cuisine or hire a chef that can produce the quality of food it portrays both in menu and price charged. I believe this place can be successful but serious changes need to be made. If ranking this restaurant on personality and atmosphere I would give it a 4 food a 1. I have rated it a 2 overall. Price does not match quality at all…not because our food was poor but because of what we received. The food did not match menu description and reminded me of the show Semi-Homemade on Food Network. I did have a 30. groupon for 15 I used and bill still was 23 not including the tip. Very Disappointed…

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