Emack & Bolio's

 140 Brookline Ave
Boston, MA


I’ve come to the Emack & Bolio’s store at Brookline Ave. in Boston’s Fenway area several times over the past several months, looking to purchase my favorite flavor — their excellent maple walnut — only to be told that it’s not in stock. It’s really the only product which for years has endeared me to the brand. It’s annoying that in spite of the complaints I’ve made each time I’ve been disappointed, the management and staff — as is so often the case with corporate laxity toward customer service and satisfaction today — offers some lame excuse as to why that flavor happens to be consistently out of stock when I visit.

I guess I’ll stop by one more time in the near future, and if I’m disappointed again, will try my hand at making a premium maple ice cream recipe at home and forget that the company ever existed.


Galway House

 710 Centre St
Jamaica Plain, MA

Just lost yourself a frequent customer

I’ve been a frequent customer at the Galway House over the decades. I live in nearby Mission Hill, and the food and service have generally been good, the location convenient, the hours extensive, and the prices reasonable. This evening, however, all of my positive feelings about this place, which are echoed in the comments here at yelp, went right down the toilet.

After a long day at work I was looking forward to a fried seafood platter. I’d had a couple of them here before, and they were very good. When I arrived all of the tables along the right hand side of the wall were pretty much empty. I sat down and after a few minutes a young waitress came to the table and asked, “Would you like a menu?”

Duh, I’m in a restaurant. “Yes, please.” Soon after another woman, who I believe has been working there for some time, took my order. While waiting I turned on my laptop, checked my facebook page quickly, and clicked on an article I saw on my newsfeed. My beer, salad and meal all arrived fairly quickly. I was really hungry, so I pretty much was scarfing down my food the whole time I was reading. I took perhaps five minutes to type responses to the news story.

The shrimp and scallops were great, the fish OK, the fried clams (which had been excellent last time) were doughy. Corn on the cob was good. The “rice pilaf” was basically plain white rice with some sort of herb or peppercorns sprinkled in.

The mediocrity of the cooking was not, however, my main issue. Several times while I was eating the waitress would stop by, asking (as I chewed mouthfuls of food) “Are you doing OK?”, “Do you need anything else”, “Is everything alright?”, the usual platitudes, to which I responded with polite overstatement, “Everything’s excellent”. Then a few more drive-by remarks, half-aloud musings like, “OK, he’s still eating”, and finally, “Are you finished? Oh, and by the way, Eddie’s here (who???), and we have quite a few people waiting, and he wants you to know this isn’t an internet cafe or anything like that.”

“Excuse me, I haven’t stopped eating the whole time I’ve been here.”

“Oh yes, I know that.”

“Fine, just give me the check please.”

Mind you, from stepping through the door to finishing my platter, I’d probably been there a grand total of about 45 minutes. I spent about $30 on food and beverage, including a 20% tip. I would have ordered coffee and dessert, but I didn’t want to inconvenience them any further. I was highly insulted, and will never set foot in this diner/wannabe fast food joint again. I’ve also posted this review on other sites, including yelp and Galway’s facebook page.Based on previous more positive experiences, I’ve decided to award these mamalukes two stars instead of one.

Fried Seafood Platter


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