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 1025 N Victor Ii Blvd
Morgan City, LA

Mediocre at Best

Tampico is in Morgan City, La which has a lot business from the offshore businesses located in and near the area. When the visitors ask the hotel reseptionist where to go that’s the first place they point to. It’s very unfortunate that out of towners aren’t able to get a good feel for what this culturally rich area has to offer. They get mediocre Mexican food that is no where near authentic, margaritas that are almost the only salvation, servers that are sweaty and touch their eyes, face, hair, and sometimes feet with out washing their hands, managment that has some sort of small town monopoly mafia idea that evoke images of slave drivers with whips in their hands and bartenders with bad attitudes. The only dishes that are worth the price gouge are :Tacos Al Carbon and if you like corn tortillas get those because the flour tortillas they use are very rubbery. The fajitas are good, the Enchiladas Emoladas, and any of the steaks are very good especially Ranchero style.

If Mexican food is what you really want go for Tampico, it is popular because it is one of a kind. (Meaning no other Mexican competitors)

If you are just looking for a good meal while you are in the area try Cafe Jo Jos on Front Street, it is great Italian food, or Rita Mae’s on Federal which is good southern food, Susie’s seafood on old 90 or a variety of the Oriental Buffets.

Tacos Al Carbon

Have them with corn tortillas and the black bean soup, and any steak they offer is great as well especially Ranchero style.

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