China Garden

 2059 Ne Burnside Rd
Gresham, OR


TWO WORDS: --- NEVER AGAIN! —-I’M SERIOUS! The ownership here is horrible! The food wasn’t too bad and our server was a helpful young man, but the owners are rude, stingy, greedy, and purposely ‘ration’ the expensive foods like Crab-legs, forcing everyone to fill up on “other” foods! Also, the utter filthiness of the bathrooms would have probably got them shut down on the spot by authorities; but, nothing topped the owners rudeness. We were shocked!

My brother and I took Mother here for an early Mothers Day Dinner, as she requested Chinese​/Seafood Cuisine. When we went first to get some Crab-legs their was already a waiting line because the pan was empty. We politely asked the attendant, who we later learned was the wife of the owner team, approximately how long the wait might be, and she sharply snapped at us saying, “They are cooking and it will be out shortly!”, and stormed away.

A couple who was patiently standing there leaned over to inform us they had been waiting already about 10 minutes. Feeling that they would be there “shortly” my brother waited while we sat down to eat. 20 minutes later the lady finally came out with only 15 Crab-legs in a pan to meet 6-7 people anxiously waiting there, and now, many more waiting at their tables.

My brother felt guilty taking two of the 15 and stepped aside to let others in, while most who saw the scant amount just went back and sat down to wait for another pan. My brother asked before sitting down, “How long till more might be ready, and the lady told him, “Well, they are frozen and they need to be thawed before cooking so it will be a while. Eat some of the other food!”

It was becoming painfully obvious to everyone that they use the “Crab-legs/Seafood” as a draw to get people to come in, but that they were purposely trying to avoid serving it.

We watched intently for another pan, and after about 15 minutes, my brother went up to stand and wait, partly to put a little pressure on them and to be sure to get some. No Kidding, almost 15 minutes later (total of 30) the same lady finally arrived with a second pan holding about only about 20 legs in it. By this time there were at least that many people wanting a helping of Crab. They were obviously only serving enough to be able to say they were actually “Serving Seafood and Crab-legs”, but no more. The lady said no, but we insisted.

That was bad enough, but at this point we asked to talk to the owner, but the lady told us he was busy. We insisted!

The man was very upset when he appeared, and he didn’t even give us an opportunity to speak. He was angry at us for complaining saying, “We have other food here to eat!” “Yes”, we said, “but many of us also came here for the Crab-legs and Seafood”. “Is this not an all you can eat buffet?”

To this he became even angrier and said, “YOU EAT TWO MUCH SEAFOOD!” “YES, WE ARE A BUFFET, BUT NOT A SEAFOOD BUFFET!”, and he disappeared into the back as we all stood there dumbfounded… There was no more Crab-legs served for the next hour we were there. Then we discovered the filthy, disgusting bathrooms! Yuck!

Please, save yourself the hassle. Go ANYwhere else!

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