Sunny China Restaurant

 5270 Peachtree Pkwy
Norcross, GA

Definitely going back!!

I ordered mandarin chicken with fried rice and some eggrolls. When they first told me the eggrolls were made of all vegetables, I was kind of disappointed. But then I tried one of them and they were SOO GOOD not to mention healthy. I ended up leaving ordering 4 orders of eggrolls, which was 8 total. lol. But yeah, definitely try it out with their special tangy homemade duck sauce! The chinese donuts are a must-have too!! Sunny China’s needs to be a franchise.

Egg roll(2)

Vegetable egg-rolls that are just delicious. They told me that they make them fresh everyday. You can taste the difference

Buffalo Chicken Wings(8)

These wings are incredible, because they actually take the time to sauteed the sauce on there, unlike some restaurants that just shake the sauce on them. These wings are a nice size. I think if you like spicy wings, then you’ll love these.

Chinese Donuts(6)

These are sweet and just a great dessert to finish off your meal with. They’re also hot when you first get them so its really soft and feels like it melts in your mouth.

Mandarin Chicken

Okay I see people here are talking about the Sesame Chicken being Sunny China’s most famous dish. But I personally feel like the Mandarin Chicken won the trophy for that. It’s battered chicken breast( OH YES! WHITE MEAT!) deep fried to golden brown and sauteed in a tangy gold sauce and mixed vegetables.The sauce even tastes great with just the rice!

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