1635 Waukegan Rd
Glenview, IL

Worker did not say sorry to me

This is for 1635 Waukegan in Glenview, worker Analy did not say Sorry to me after I told her we did not use water cup to get pop and not paid for. We paid for one 21 oz pop for my daughter and she shared with her brother who got a water cup from the counter. Later on, Analy (sound like she said this is her name) came around and told us we are not supposed to use water cup to get pop. She was accusing us using water cup to steal pop!!!!!!!!!!!! I told her we purchased a pop and my daughter is sharing with her brother. She shrugged her shoulder. I felt wrongfully accused. She did not even say sorry to us. If I have an employee like her. I will retrain her again. I personally have nothing against Subway but this worker in subway needs to know what is customer service and needs to know how to say sorry when she is wrong!



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