30492 Avenida De Las Banderas
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

IHOP Rancho Santa Margarita

Avoid this dump at all costs.
Today was my last visit to ANY IHOP.
I can handle crappy service, which is the norm at IHOP, I can handle the wait, which is the NORM at IHOP, I can even handle a messy bathroom, which is the NORM at IHOP…but I can’t handle a dirty restaurant, and poor cleaning techniques in the dining area. God only knows what the kitchen is like…
For the second time at this IHOP, I was disgusted by the way they clean the tables. The first time, they wiped the seat, then using the same rag, they wiped off tables and condiments.
Today, I walked out, as i watched the guy take a rag from a bucket of water, that sits behind a wall, next to the broom and dustpan, then ring out the rag, then use the rag to CLEAN BETWEEN HIS FINGERS, then walk over and wipe down a table.
Add this to the poor service, the over priced food, the ugly decor and cafeteria like atmosphere, I don’t care how hard my kids beg me, I WILL NEVER go to another IHOP again.
I will say this, the one in Rancho was 10 times cleaner then one I walked out of in Fresno last summer…and this RSM IHOP is pretty nasty.
IHOP needs a good ass kicking by Gordon Ramsey. RSM IHOP can “pissoff”.

I will now be taking my business down the road to Corky’s, in Ladera Ranch. Better food, nicer environment to dine in, better prices, clean, and decent service.

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