Morocco's Restaurant

 86 N Market St
San Jose, CA


Small, intimate, family-owned Moroccan restaurant in downtown San Jose. The two owners, brothers Sham & Jay, are the nicest hosts you’ll ever meet! They make everyone feel like family. Ambiance is magical, you feel like you’re sitting underneath a blanketed tent in the dessert. Food is DIVINE!!! I’ve tried almost everything on the menu. Crab briwatts, fish tagine, and chicken M’rouzia are standouts, although everything is delicious. They have GREAT drink specials & entertainment too. Website is up to date and has lots of great pics.
Go IMMEDIATELY!! They cater too :)

Lentil Salad

Most popular salad. Everyone Loves it! Perfect starter


Phyllo pastry filled with various deliciousness!

Savory options (Vegetables, Avocado, Chicken, or Crab)
Sweet options (Almond paste & honey, dark chocolate, white chocolate & strawberry, Apricot, Dates)


Ancient version of a crockpot, all dishes are tender and flavorful!
Great with Morocco’s homemade bread to soak up the delicious sauce.

Vegetarian, Fish (spicy), Beef (sweet&savory), Lamb, Chicken

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