Forks Diner

 3315 Sullivan Trl
Easton, PA

Forks Diner

I made this account with one specific purpose; to make this review (as you could probably tell by the username). I’ve eaten here before, a few times, as it is next-door to my father’s work, and it was simply horrendous each time. One time, after experiencing the repulsiveness of their sorry excuse for ‘dining’, I got a turkey burger, out of pure hunger and desperation. I thought “hey, this isn’t too bad. Maybe I was wrong about this place”. Nope. About half way through the burger, my stomach began feeling VERY upset, and it actually progressed to the point of where I was dry-heaving in the bathroom. The servers and other employees could not possibly be more rude. This morning, once more, out of pure desperation, I called in to place a simple order for eggs, and (I was hoping for) turkey sausage. I call in, and some guy answered, sounding in a rush, and not having enough time to listen to even HALF of my one question, he hands the phone off to some lady. I begin to ask; “do you guys have turkey sausa—” she rudely interrupts— “No.”… I reply “oh… Well do you guys have ANY type of turk—” again, she interrupts— “Nope. Don’t have that”. I laughed, and hung up. Then I proceeded to sit down at my laptop, and make this review. Please, please, avoid this awful shit-pit (excuse my language) at all costs. You will never find yourself enjoying the food. At least not for long. Hope this helped.

Turkey burger

Terrible. Almost had be throwing up.

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