Taco Tico

 905 N. Lynn Riggs Blvd.
Claremore, OK

Rotten Lettuce ok'd to use by manger

Ordered 3 #1s combo burrito with 2 tacos
Only to open my taco to find a wet cold slimy discolored lump of lettuce in the middle. Took it inside to see why they would put this on a taco and was told yeah I know the lettuce is bad. Asked why then put it on a taco to which I got the reply of well my manager told us to use it anyway. Had the employee call his manager to which I then asked the employee would you eat this and he firmly answered NO, I relayed that to the manager in the phone who then had the perfect response to a complaining customer who just spent 40$ for rotten lettuce that and I quote… " well, he is just a mexican" WOW never again Taco tico of Claremore never again!!!

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