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Why else would I be here? I like to eat and I like to write about it. I’ve had the opportunity to dine at a number of great places both in town and around the world, and I’m always looking for what’s next!


Ted's Montana Grill

 133 Luckie St Nw
Atlanta, GA

Where the Bison Roam... Not the Buffalo

Give me a home where the buffalo roam. Yeah, but what about the bison?

It’s well known that Ted Turner owns approximately half of Montana and uses it vast expanses as a tax write-off and as a place to breed, raise, and preserve bison, the close cousin of the American buffalo who as we know gets all the good press – there’s the song, the buffalo nickel, Buffalo Bill, Buffalo Springfield, and Buffalo wings to name just a few. They’re even depicted on the football helmets of the NFL team in the city in New York that’s named after the beast! I reckon wordsmiths the world over thought the buffalo was a more syllabically attractive choice over the bison, and that’s why bison always got the short end of the stick. Well, ole’ Ted figured it was high time that bison got it’s turn in the spotlight, and what better way to do that than by eating them!

I had gone to Ted’s Montana Grill a couple of years ago when I was in Atlanta for a concert at The Tabernacle and really enjoyed it. Lo and behold, I was there again on this cold January night for the same reason and decided to stop in for another visit.

Having remembered all the excellent steaks and burgers on the menu, I looked forward to returning to Ted’s. Only one small problem… I wasn’t all that hungry. Not letting that stop me, I grabbed a seat at the bar, and after perusing the menu, I settled on a bowl of bison chili and an order of salt & pepper onion rings.

My drink order was taken and I was presented with a small bowl of house-made pickles that were thick-sliced, crunchy and delicious. My chili arrived a few minutes later, followed by the thick-cut onion rings. The rings were good, although every onion ring I try suffers from comparison to the best ones I’ve ever had which were at The Tavern at Phipps, but that’s another story.

The chili was a classic bowl of red, served with oyster crackers and topped with chopped red onion, shreds of cheddar, and a few sliced jalapenos. Chock full of meaty bisony goodness and not overloaded with beans, (a pet peeve) the chili was well seasoned, just right on the spicy, and was delicious. A bowl was more than enough to satisfy my limited appetite that night, and truth be known, I probably should’ve just ordered a cup as even that portion would’ve gone a long way. If you order the bowl, either be very hungry or have someone there with whom to share it.

Next time I go to Ted’s, I’ll be sure to bring my full-on food jones with me as there are a lot of entree choices worth trying. One that caught my eye was the Canyon Creek Burger. Served on either beef or bison, it has cheddar cheese, smoky bacon, fresh jalapeños, blackberry jam and a fried egg “over-easy”. I will have it next time for sure.

Distinctive American food with an approach to sustainability you can feel good about, Ted’s Montana Grill is worth checking out.

A bowl of meaty bisony goodness! - Karen’s “Flying D” Bison Chili at Ted's Montana Grill

Karen’s “Flying D” Bison Chili

A hearty bowl of red, this bison chili satisfies. Loaded with delicious bison and not overloaded with beans, I enjoyed every bite. The chili has a good tomato base and the seasoning is just right. Served with chopped red onions, shredded cheddar and sliced jalapenos, this chili will keep you warm on a cold winter’s night.

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