Uncle Frank's BBQ

 2135 Old Middlefield Way
Mountain View, CA

Best BBQ in the Bay Area

Unfortunately, that’s not saying too much, as the Bay Area is sorely lacking in good BBQ. Located at the back of a bar named Francesca’s, the quality and quantity of BBQ you get here is very good, but it’s also inconsistent.

This place opened to rave reviews and long lines. When I first came here, the brisket was delicious. There was a wide 1/2 inch smoke ring all around the meat, and the sauce was sweet and tangy, and had chunks of tomato in it that tasted great with the beef. The meat was very tender, and it was obvious that it had been smoked for a long time. This visit alone was worth 4 stars.

On subsequent visits, the quality of the food varied. Sometimes the brisket was not as tender, and the smoke ring was barely noticeable.

Note: although I’ve had their other items, I focused on the brisket because it’s the most noteworthy and featured on their menu.

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