Pop's N.Y. Pizza

 707 Harden St
Columbia, SC

Only the food is good, I thought

This is the second time we ordered from Pops and were left disappointed. The first time the restaurant did not bother to tell us they did not have a delivery person and we ended up waiting 2 hours for lunch. The second time we sent someone to pick up our food and we were still missing a sandwich. When we called for the missing sandwich, they claimed someone was bringing it. Needless to say the poor young lady had to wait 4 hours for her sandwich because they kept forgetting to send it out with the driver. Sadly enough, during my wait I find out from the other young lady responsible for picking up our food that the restaurant was filthy. The very table used to make the pizza had a fly on it before the pizza dough was slapped down on it. If I had known the place was a filthy restaurant, I would have never ordered from there because now I just want to vomit that mess back up since it was filth that I ate anyway.

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