Glenview Pub & Grill

 248 Princeton St
North Chelmsford, MA

GlenView Restaurant Chelmsford Mass - RIP...

I am so discouraged. We’ve been coming to the GlenView Restaurant in Chelmsford for years and it was always great… Unfortunately things have changed dramatically and not for the better. Quality of food has gone downhill… Steaks used to be the best, now not so much — grisly and tougher cuts. What I’m sadly SHOCKED with is, when we looked at our bill, I thought I caught a mistake: A GLASS OF WINE FOR $13.50 — when I inquired I was told THESE ARE THE NEW PRICES FOR A “9 ounce glass”. The waitress should’ve told us before we ordered this, but no problem — we just won’t go back. Princeton Lounge is looking better and better. I’m really sad about this because Glenview was our favorite… But they’ll never survive charging NEW YORK CITY RATES for their product…..

Veal / Lobster Pasta

everything has gone downhill… not sure why — it used to be the best

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