Melting Pot

 100 Sinatra Dr
Hoboken, NJ

Don't Buy a Groupon

I have been to The Melting Pot several times in my life (maybe 5 times), and at different locations too. I’ve always felt that the meal/experience was a bit expensive, but I’d always return for a special occasion or something like that (when I was willing to spend some money). I used a Groupon this time, however, and it seemed that the portion sizes were virtually cut in HALF. The salad (second course) was absolutely pitiful – so small that it was almost a joke. However, my boyfriend and I were willing to overlook it…. until we saw the main entree come out. The platter consisted of 5 items we chose (steak, chicken, shrimp, tofu, and raviolis), and again, the portion was MUCH smaller than a typical entrée we’ve had there in the past. It almost looked like the platter was for ONE person, not TWO. The two meat items (steak and chicken), for instance, consisted of only two small pieces each – two small pieces of steak and two small pieces of chicken. That means if two people are sharing, that’s ONE PIECE EACH!

If The Melting Pot is going to cut the portion sizes drastically when people use a Groupon, then it doesn’t make the deal “worth it.” We left hungry and frustrated. But we did speak to the manager on the way out, and she surprisingly took our information and agreed to comp our next meal there for FREE. We will go back for the free meal to make up for this bad experience, but we wouldn’t buy another Groupon for this restaurant! Any place offering a Groupon should go above and beyond to encourage return customers. Isn’t that the purpose of a Groupon? If this had been my first time at The Melting Pot, I absolutely would NEVER think to return again. And now, after this experience, we’ll go back for the comped meal, but I doubt I’ll go back again after that. This Groupon experience just killed all positive feelings I had about The Melting Pot.

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