Cuban Pete's

 428 Bloomfield Ave
Montclair, NJ

Rude hostess!!

Let me begin by stating that I have been enjoying Cuban Pete’s for a few years now unfortunately my last visit there this past weekend has turned me off completely! I was aware going on a Saturday night there would be at least an hour wait time which I was willing to do since the food is so delicious but after being yelled at by the hostess I will NEVER go back again. After being told I was next to be seated I was waiting an additional 30 mins so I went up to the hostess table to ask the status when I was yelled at by the hostess saying she was not seating people at the moment and for me to turn back around and wait. The owner quickly interfered and rushed me to a table but the damage was done. He explained that he knows that woman is rude to customers but I should just ignore her. I was not satisfied with his dealings with her. If he knows she is rude to customers why hasn’t she been fired?? Right then and there he choose his rude hostess over me, a paying and returning customer. I will be sure to let all my family and friends know about this incident and they will also never return. I know of two other really good Cuban restaurants in the area where I have never been scolded by an employee and the food is just as delicious! Good riddans Cuban Pete’s!

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