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La Toque (CLOSED)

St Helena, CA

The prix fixe was $98 for two amuse busche (complimentary...

The prix fixe was $98 for two amuse busche (complimentary), a four course meal, and dessert. The food tasted great and was well prepared. However, the portions were on the small side considering there were only four courses. The wine pairings offered included a tasting that was equivalent to two glasses of wine for $62 and a half-tasting that was equivalent to one glass of wine for $31. The wine pairings selected were very good. The wait staff was very polite and amiable. They do not officially enforce a dress code. However, a suit for men and a dress for women are strongly recommended if you want to blend in with the other patrons. FYI, there is an automatic 18% gratuity included in the bill regardless of party size.



 420 Emerson St
Palo Alto, CA

Evvia is a very popular Greek restaurant in Palo Alto. It...

Evvia is a very popular Greek restaurant in Palo Alto. It has a wholesome family feel, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it is a casual place. You should definitely dress up a little bit. The wait staff was a little impatient by asking to take our orders as we were in the middle of being seated. The pita appetizer was by far the best item on the menu. The rib eye and the first pinot noir on the wine by the glass menu were both excellent as well. The lamb was a bit bland, fat-heavy, and a rather small portion for a dish that is served family-style. I have had much better lamb at other restaurants.



 8 High St
Boston, MA

Radius is my second favorite restaurant in Boston. It had...

Radius is my second favorite restaurant in Boston. It had a chic decor and a trendy ambiance. The food was excellent and the martinis from the bar were some of the best I have ever tried. The wait staff was impeccable. During the dinner, we were waited upon by at least nine different waiters who were all polite and professional. My only disappointment was that the recommended wine pairings did not live up to my expectations. The wine selection had a rather homogenous range of flavors for the variety of flavors presented in the dinner courses. Radius is one of the most expensive restaurants in Boston. From my experience, the cost to wine and dine for two people was about $400 including tax and gratuity. However, it is definitely possible to spend half that amount depending on how many courses you order and what wines you drink.



 272 Boylston St
Boston, MA

The decor was chic, the food was decent, and the crowd gr...

The decor was chic, the food was decent, and the crowd gravitates towards 30+. The wine selection and bar were excellent. Highlights include possibly the best bread basket in Boston and the glass wine rack elevator. Recommendations: don’t skip the raw menu items and wear business casual attire. Note to the money conscious: the markup on wines at this restaurant is close to 200% and drinks from the bar average around $14.


Aujourd'hui (CLOSED)

 200 Boylston St
Boston, MA

Aujourd’hui is one of the best restaurants I have ever tr...

Aujourd’hui is one of the best restaurants I have ever tried. It is my favorite restaurant in Boston. The food and the wine selection are exceptional. The wait staff is amiable, polite, and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Aujourd’hui is definitely the premier fine dining destination in Boston.

However, there are a couple of things to note before rushing out to try this restaurant. The decor is traditional rather than chic or trendy. The patrons generally consist of wealthy, middle-aged men and women. The cost to wine and dine at this great restaurant can easily be upwards of $100 per person. Last but not least, the dress code requires that you wear your best duds or you will stick out like a sore thumb. If those things do not deter you from wanting to try this restaurant, then get going and enjoy what is sure to be one of your best dining experiences!

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