Sammies Bar & Grill

 498 South Avenue
Tallmadge, OH

poorly-run business

I was first a former customer and now a former employee, there are some things you all should know about this poorly-run business. The business is primarily owned by a couple, Lynne and Dave. On the positive thing: the food is pretty good, but never consistent as explained below, and Dave does care about serving quality to his guests and most of the food is pretty fresh and prepared in-house. As a customer, the service is horrible and as a former employee, I can explain why. Samantha, who is the daughter of Lynne and Dave, is a part owner and mostly runs the front of house and also serves. Influence by other servers and her own greed, the restaurant will be run with less servers than there should be because they think they can make more money by having more tables and giving sub-par service. Instead of being in sections, servers have tables throughout the whole restaurant so no table gets the attention they deserve. And not to mention Samantha is more interested in let’s say her “love interests,” whom she works with and will hire and making sure they make a lot of money, instead of focusing on the customer and making sure they get good service. And in part because of no manager, the hosts are frequently on their phones and will be rude to guests. But they they think its ok to be rude to guests because Lynne is too. It is very unprofessional. And sometimes they do take care of their guests but I’ve seen Lynne speak very horribly to her bar guests (she also works there as a bartender). On one occasion I heard her argue with a couple over a bill discrepancy and it was her fault and it was over $1 and she wouldn’t fix the mistake. I heard that couple say they wouldn’t be back. Some of the servers even brag about being crappy with a table when they get back in the kitchen. I’ve seen a few severs be hired who don’t fit in with their line of thinking and they too were treated poorly and they were ran out of the place. Employees are not treated that well either unless you’re a favorite. There is a server who works there who was adding money to credit card tips from their guests multiple times and those guests would come back in to complain. He wasn’t fired because Lynne liked this server and was Samatha’s friend. This server still works there. I’ve also seen someone get fired out of the blue for no other reason than Lynne didn’t like them. They’ll run a short staff in the kitchen too because Dave can’t keep a staff. It’s a revolving door for a few reasons. Lynne’s son works in the kitchen and he thinks it’s ok to be mean and treat people however he wants and so a few people have quit because of that. And Dave drags his feet when it comes to hiring people and thinks it is normal and ok to work people 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and expect productivity. Also the kitchen is hotter than it should be and he won’t fix it, I’ve seen cooks sweat into the food they’re cooking. I’ve seen good go out in 20 minutes and under like it’s supposed to and I’ve seen it take longer than an hour, And Dave blames his kitchen staff for these short-comings instead of owning up the the way the business is poorly run and decisions he has made. They make you feel like you are the one with a problem as they can do no wrong. And then when somebody would submit a 2-week notice, Dave would fire them out of spite. And then when someone was fired for an illegitimate reason, some filed for unemployment. Dave then lied to unemployment about the true reason they were fired thinking he was being slick and trying to make sure they didn’t have to pay it. Countless people got unemployment. Drugs were a huge problem with his employees and he knew about it and Lynne enabled them by giving them money whenever they asked for it. And then our safety was threatened one time when a cook came in after their shift ended, drunk and with a gun. Fortunately they weren’t looking to harm anyone. But instead of handling that situation like they should have, they served that person more drinks and let him drive himself home. Then they let this person keep their job too because he was a favorite of Lynne, plus they couldn’t afford to lose another cook. In a nutshell I’m saying the family who runs this restaurant is more concerned with themselves and their selfish needs and of their “favorites” instead of their employees and most importantly their guests.



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