Amerigo Pizza

 456 Main Ave Ste 2
Norwalk, CT

Overpriced, Overcharged and Overrated!

This establishment advertises Free BYOB, but a $6.00 Corkage fee is now being charged. And Wow, watch your credit card, and the amount you sign for! Food is expensive for a strip mall atmosphere, OK but not fine dining. Entrees are bare, with no garnish or side items included. Corkage fee and a plate fee (for bringing in wine or a Birthday cake) are extra added charges. AND, as I recently found out, if THEY forget to add an item to your bill (like a soda refill), they will arbitrarily increase the charge amount you have authorized on your credit card AFTER YOU LEAVE, to pay themselves later for THEIR own mistake. Without notifying you! AND this is on top of a generous tip, and in a Birthday situation, where most other restaurants would gladly comp the Birthday boy/girl a free soda refill. When I called to complain, I was told I should have noticed the ommission on the bill when it was originally presented to me. SORRY, I do not count how many sodas my guest has when taking them out for their Bday, nor do I expect my bill to be changed AFTER I leave. I was also told it was “probably too late” to refund the unauthorized charge to my credit card. All in all, this experience leaves a BAD TASTE .

Chicken Florentine

No garnish or side included. Just a flattened chicken breast on a plate with some spinach and butter sauce for $25.00. A few strands of Pasta is $5.00 extra.

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