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  • Jun 2007
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 62 Thomas St
New York, NY

Hospitality runs high in this ultra chic Japanese restaur...

Hospitality runs high in this ultra chic Japanese restaurant where guests by are greeted [in Japanese] by the entire wait staff after being led through labyrinth of staircases and brought into main dining room, which lays is tucked away like a secret cavern behind a huge wall of an abstract Japanese flag. While the rumble of about 50 servers all yelling “Welcome” at the same moment sounds more like a rousing “YAY!”,it will without a doubt, simultaneously make you feel uplifted and aware of every new guest that enters the dining room during your meal. The food heavenly and every bite goes down like butter. Don’t miss the Crepe Cake for dessert and be sure to check out the lantern adorned bathrooms, where the smell of fresh eucalyptus is pumped though the vents. Be sure to bring your entire bank account to cover the bill or at least be willing to give up your first born…

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