Ice House Comedy Club

 24 Mentor Ave
Pasadena, CA

Sean Sullivan is the biggest joke of all general managers.

Sean Sullivan is the biggest joke of all general managers. Sean Sullivan is the general manager of the Ice House Comedy Club and Restaurant in Pasadena. This individual hires people with out doing any criminal background checks or drug test. He hires convicted felons, sex offenders and active gang members. He puts the customers and clean employees that work at the ice house in direct in danger. Some of the people that have criminal records and are active gang members are Brandon bell, Joe Rizo, and Kenji Thomas. Brandon Bell is a convicted felon, active gang member and social path how he became head of security and supervisor of the marketing department is unbeknown. He often brags about how he controls Sean Sullivan’s every move, including who should get hired, fired, and business decisions. For some reason every time Sean Sullivan makes a decision he has run it by the convicted felon Brandon Bell. Brandon sexually harasses female customers and employees on a daily basis. there have been numerous calls and written complaints made by female customers and employees. When Sean Sullivan calls Brandon Bell in his office he often manipulates and talks his way out it by convincing Sean that its girls he dated calling in trying to get him fired Sean always believes him.

Brandon Bell also cheats the marketing department getting people in for free at the door getting paid for it without prior reservations, in which marketing rep have been fired for, yet he been getting away with it for years. He also cheats the door by taking cash payment from people who come in late this occurs on a weekly basis. Brandon has yelled at other employee’s bring them to tears, he inappropriately grabs female employees, strangles people, he has hit people across the head, threatens to kill people, smokes marijuana, smokes meth and crack, and watches porn in the office. This type of behavior occurs daily but the truth other employees are afraid to speak out because they are afraid Brandon because of his involvement in gangs. Sean Sullivan also has a bartender that works there that is a convicted sex offender by the name of Joe Rizo who also cheats the door and takes in cash from people that are late. What is shocking is that The Ice House takes sexual harassment lightly and rewards Brandon for this type of behavior there where so many sexual harassment complaints one year, that they where giving joke employee awards one year and awarded Brandon with the “Promiscuous Award”. This type of behavior would not occur if only Sean Sullivan would fallow California State Law and conduct criminal background check and drugs test, and not hire dangerous felons, and criminals.

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