Olive Garden

 8321 W Bell Rd
Peoria, AZ

Employees steal from customers

I had a business lunch meeting at the Olive Garden located at 7889 W Bell Rd, Peoria, AZ 85382. Left and realized I left my purse hanging up on the chair. Called to see if it was still there. The lady who answered the phone said someone had found it and gave it to the manager. When I came to pick it up, the manager came to give it to me. There were other customers in the waiting area, she came straight to me to give it to me. Didn’t ask for identification, my name (in which I had given to the person on the phone) which I thought was odd. It’s like she had been rummaging through my purse. I checked the contents and they had stolen all my cash, which was around $200. I confronted the manager who said unfortunately I can’t control what happens before it gets to me. She then goes on to tell me she is being transferred in a couple days to the Olive Garden in Prescott so she really doesn’t care, gave me the card to the general manager and walked away. She refuses to ask the waiter or any other employees about the cash. All the girls at the front were snickering like they knew exactly what had happened to the money taken from my purse. I have left my purse at many restaurants before, none of them have EVER stolen money out of my purse, including when I left it at McDonalds and forgot for about an hour! What does that say about this particular Olive Garden?! What poor customer service!

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