315 Foxon Blvd
New Haven, CT

Covid19 Violations

Worst eatery expiernece ive ever had. Employee,manager, her young son all handling and around and serving food and drink without masks and gloves. When asked about them not wearing masks the manager said for us to “Get the F out” infront of security none the less. The manager also chased us into Walmart as we were shopping to continue to harras us. Nasty attitudes and such unprofessional people at this Subway. Definitly not proud of their Subway Franchise or their costumers. I have such respect and hold in such a high regard managers and owners of buissnesses that know how to run their store. We always bought our fave pretzels until they began saying they are out of things and would then buy a soda and always gave a tip as we left. This store should be embarrassed when compared to other Subway shops… I am disabled and in a wheelchair and am still not as miserable as these employees. Also the owner named Maria Ciarleglio is the one that made the only positive review on here, pretending to be a costumer (Maria C. Review) now that is desperate that you have to make up a good review because no one else will.

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Jkinsey reviewed Subway
Jkinsey reviewed Subway