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Never smell it before you taste it.

I’m an average guy with a curiosity for everything I haven’t tried. How will I know what my favorite food is if I don’t try one of EVERYTHING?

If you’re in the area, let’s get a bite to eat!


Cafe Milano

 3251 Prospect St Nw Ste 13
Washington, DC

Come with friends, leave with great memories!

An Italian restaurant is only as good as its atmosphere. If the food is great but the restaurant has no vibe- the meal is forgotten. In short, a good Italian restaurant offers you a great experience, not just great food. Cafe Milano on Prospect street has refined this to an art and consistently delivers memorable experiences for its patrons.

The experience begins as you’re greeted by Laurent and his expert hosting staff. A quick look to your left and right before you’re seated gives you a head’s up on Ermenegildo Zegna’s latest offerings displayed in the eatery’s foyer. If you’re here for lunch, the dining area is full but not packed. If you’re here for dinner, you’re led through the bustling dining area and quickly seated. Seating is tight, but part of the excitement of a city Italian restaurant is overhearing other coversations and putting in your two cents (being Sicilian, I can tell you this is true!).

Your experience is continued as your server greets you with water (gas or no gas) and tells you about tonight’s recommendations. I’ve been here many times, and guarantee that with Jose or Nabil M as your waiter you’ll have the very best experience possible! It’s to the point now that I don’t look at the menu, and simply ask them to order whatever it is they think we’d like. I’ve yet to be disappointed. The wait staff as a whole are professional, knowlegeable, and attentive and could serve as a benchmark for what wait staff should be.

While waiting for your food, take the time to look around and above you. On the ceiling you’ll see DC related frescoes that really identify Milano as a DC landmark. The artwork around you is current and not boring. But really pay attention to the faces around you… this is a hot spot for the notorious and you’ll probably be eating next to a politician or celebrity. The windows and doors in the front room fold away and allow for all in the restaurant to enjoy a beautiful evening and the sounds of the city.

Once your food arrives, note how fresh and aromatic everything is. Cafe Milano is known for its veal and you can’t go wrong with the Veal Milanese, however, I can’t recommend enough that you try their fish. Both the John Dory and the Spigola are worth coming back for time and time again. The Butternut Squash Ravioli and Calamari make for excellent appetizers as well. Paired with your meal is an extensive list of wines (by the glass and bottle). You’ll note some are prefaced by a NW. This stands for Nuschese Winery (the owner’s winery) and represents a significant portion of the available selections of Reds. I emplore you to try them as they are truly fantastic.

No meal experience is complete without the obligatory dessert. Of course they have Tiramisu (which is fantastic), but the real winner here is the pumpkin poundcake with dolce de lece ice cream drizzled with honey. I can also attest to Nabil’s concoction of lemon sorbet with chocolate ice cream. Finish this all up with an espresso or a shot of Campari and your check is brought to you.

As you’re leaving Milano, take in the sights and sounds of the city and take a walk down by the waterfront. This is the perfect way to finish off a great experience!

Some of the best memories I’ve got with my friends and family have happened AT and BECAUSE OF Cafe Milano and their amazing staff. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t come by for dinner!

Campari e Sfoglia Di Panne Alle Olive

Imported D.O.P. Buffalo Mozzarella, Hydroponic Campari tomatoes, Basil, and crispy olive bread. Perfect start to a wonderful experience. The ingredients were absolutely as fresh as it gets! I’ve had several versions of this in VA, Las Vegas, and MD- nothing comes close.

Branzino Del Mediterraneo Al Forno Con Rosmarino e Verdure

I know, another 5 star review for a dish. I’m sorry- it’s that good! Roasted seabass in a rosemary clam broth… SUPER YUMMY. Everyone is crazy about the veal here, but the hidden gem is their fish! I promise you- get any form of this Branzino and you won’t be disappointed!

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