151 Rue Bernard W
Montreal Metro Area, QC

Loaded with flavour and variety

Nonya is a fine dining Indonesian experience. The decor is mostly white, clean and simple, with what I assume is a bit of traditional Indonesian thrown in for good measure. The way our table was set up I actually got to sit on a couch for the whole meal, which adds a nice relaxing touch.

The service is very friendly, and you can tell the owners are proud to share their traditional dishes with the rest of the world. Our glasses of lime-flavoured water were never empty, and a constant flow of full pitchers made sure of that.

The mood is quiet, so if you’re planning a wild party I’d choose another venue. But if you’re looking for a delicious, unique, fine dining experience, and you’re willing to shell out a few extra clams to get it, then don’t even hesitate to give Nonya a try.

BUBUR KETAN HITAM black sticky rice with coconut milk - Risjttafels at Nonya


This is the ultimate tasters menu. After a round of vermicelli soup, small dishes of various Indonesian delicacies make their way to the table. Baskets of sticky rice and large shrimp crackers are also provided to accompany the main meal. Among the selections are grilled shrimp, stewed beef, fish in banana leaf, curried tofu, and a few other things. Make no mistake, every last one of them is delicious. The flavours vary, but the common ground is often coconut milk. And just when the last of the food was consumed, they came out with a black rice and coconut milk dessert! Warm and sweet, it rounded out the meal perfectly.

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