Dolores Restaurant

 11407 Santa Monica Blvd
West Los Angeles, CA



Sunday afternoon, not very busy — not hard to mess up, right? WRONG! When the waiter FINALLY comes around (didn’t see him for the first 10 minutes we were sitting there) I asked for a cup of chili and a PLAIN bacon cheeseburger, with nothing on it and one request: crisp bacon. The chili comes right away and it was horrible — Hormel would have been better.

Then we wait for our main food, and we see it come up and the “waiter” (I believe he was the manager, being cheap and saving on hiring an extra waitress) is busy talking on his cell phone. He then starts to try to prep the food while talking on the cell phone. He finally finishes and brings the food and walks away (very gruff). I open my burger and it has THE WORKS on it. I try to catch his attention, but he’s back on the phone. I finally bring the plate UP to the counter and wait while he continues to talk on the phone for another minute or two. He hangs up and by now I’m fuming and begin to complain. He puts his hand in my face. “There is no need to yell! I am a human being!” he chastises me (I was annoyed, but not yelling).

I explain things and I wait (as my wife eats HER food) for another try at it. He’s still off and on the phone and then brings me the replacement and it has pickles, tomatoes and lettuce on it! And the bacon — not very cooked at all — not even NEAR crisp. (And the burger tasted very funky.)

When he comes to see how things are and I point out the mistake again he begins to get irate again. I point out that if he wasn’t on his phone he might have been able to check the order — EITHER time. He yells that he has business to do!

Un-freaking-believable! I’ve lived on the Westside for a long time and heard good things about this place, so I went in expecting good things! BOY was I given something else!

This was my one AND ONLY trip to Dolores! AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE… which might be in the food! (I had to put ONE star because they wouldn’t allow ZERO — and they didn’t have negative stars!)

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