Rig A' Tony's Italian Take- Out

 38 W Broadway
Derry, NH

Good food, terrible service

I have been to this location on a number of occasions and the food is very good, but I will never go back. I have witnessed the owner, Lisa berate her staff & customers one too many times. The last time I was there she singled out employees one after another, did nothing but complain out loud in front of everyone & then blasted her entire staff in front of everyone. She is a miserable person and has no right dealing with the public. She was then extremely rude to a nice elderly lady and then told her she could not use a $5 off coupon for no apparent reason. The woman spent $115 and the coupon clearly stated, “$5 off any order over $25” and it was not expired I know because the lady asked me to check for her. All she said is “You can’t use that!” without any explanation. She is totally unprofessional and does not deserve her customers. There are far better restaurants around. One of them is right down the street, check out DRAE.

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