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Poor Customer Service at Stix‎

On July 19th, my colleagues and I decided to try Stix for the first time. Unfortunately, we did not have a good experience. Their bar was not fully stocked, and did not carry several liquors, including sake that is listed on their menu. When we tried to ask for a substitution for the same price as the out of stock cold sake (a difference of $8) the management said no. Not all of our Sushi choices were delivered to our table. We had to request our Sushi order menu be shown to us, and the waitress explained the chef overlooked the other items. No amends were offered until the very end. The assistant manager, Jeremy, offered us a round of drinks on the house. I pointed out that the round of drinks would exceed the price difference of the sake substitute ($8), but he still refused to supply the substituted Sake. My lone martini was $10. We did not understand their reasoning, especially when we spent alot of money, and would have spent more if they had tried to accomodate us. I tried to contact the manager Hoang on Monday, but he was too busy to accept my call.


Sushi was ok, but the service is what ruined the experience.

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