Culinary Delights

 229 N Main St
Natick, MA

The "Overload" of good food

Easily in my top three favorite restaurants ever… and I like to eat out and about, alot. You have got to love a small business that takes pride in all of the details. Since opening up in May, business has been booming, and I am already on a first name basis with the owners. Authentic Chicago food in the Boston area… like water in the desert. I am working my way through the menu, and have yet to find something they serve that I don’t love. Top notch customer service; I have yet to see a restaurant that cared more.

Chicago Dog

Spot on. You can quiz the owner on the ingredients if you want, but you will be satisfied with the real deal.

Chicago Italian Beef

They do it right here. Heaps of beef they make themselves. Authentic Chicago. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves, because they will dip the entire sandwhich upon request.

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